Stained Glass Angel

Unfortunately this post does not pertain to food, but it was one of the craziest days in my dental hygiene career. I had this woman come into my office and I was about to clean her teeth and she started telling me about her life, and no I did not keep my instruments in her mouth and ask her questions expecting her to talk with a mouth full (a hygienist guilty pleasure).
This patient was honestly an angel, and I am going to call her that in this blog because I feel she deserves the title. She was dying of cancer and literally everything made her sick, she was about 100 pounds soaking wet. Her first husband past away from a heart attack, then their son died in a tragic car accident, while her next husband past of a brain tumor. She was remarried again and the tragedies of her loved ones lied in the work she did with stain glass.
This angel had a beautiful beautiful gift of creating stained glass art. She told me of stories where people had come to her wanting her stained glass art, although they had never met. God was near she would say. One story, she was at work and suddenly a man came in looking scruffy and slightly rough around the edges. He said he was looking for said woman and proceeded to ask if she could create him a stained glass window of Jesus at the Last Supper. She was baffled and had no clue who this man was, with her mouth open she felt this brush of warmth over her shoulder, God reminding her he was there, and then she knew. She knew in her deepest of being that He had sent this biker dude from afar.
She agreed and days later when he returned to collect the piece. He told her he was told in a dream to come find her, he was told she was a magnificent artist and she could make this beautiful creation in the name of God.
I’m not sure if this beautiful angel is still among us on earth, but what I do know is she touched my heart that day and gave me a feeling that I will never, ever forget.


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