Broccoli Sprouts and Chicken Oh My


I have been making many versions of this for lunch and dinner the past couple weeks. It’s so easy and so filling I can’t get enough. My doctor is the one who was eating it one day and I begged him for the recipe. [I calculated this dish on My Fitness Pal and it was about 308 calories, makes 5 servings]

15 oz Cauliflower

20 stalks of Asparagus

20 Brussels Sprouts cut in half

4 oz Raw Cheddar Cheese

15oz Cooked chicken [or here I had shredded pork leftover from Easter]

Coat all the veggies in olive oil, sea salt and pepper, then put in oven on 450°. The cauliflower takes longer and needs at least an hour, turning it once. The brussle sprouts only need 30-45 minutes, turning once as well. I cooked the asparagus on the George Forman for about 10 minutes. I shredded some raw cheddar cheese and sprinkled that on top, if you are a parmesan fan this is a great time to use it. I am huge on crunch veggies so I waited until the sprouts and cauliflower were browned [almost burnt] before taking them out.

Also I have been researching on oils and their smoking temperatures. I was a little nervous about putting these in at 450 degrees with olive oil because you shouldn’t heat olive oil past 350 degrees, but without that high temp you don’t get the desired crunchiness. Here is the site I was looking on.

Munch Safely,


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