Blueberry Mint Smoothie

I am so excited you guys. Ever since I could remember, I’ve been hungry. And since starting the supplements from my chiropractic office, my liver has been healing and so my body doesn’t have that need react the way it had in the past. My body was lacking in nutrients because of all the the toxins the liver was filled with. My body was trying to rid it of these toxins with nutrients and the fastest way to get nutrients is through food, hence the reason I was always hungry. But now that my body is riding itself of these toxins, my liver is getting stronger, therefore I’m not CONSTANTLY hungry.


[1 cup blueberries•1/2 cup soy yogurt•1/2 cup kale•2 T fresh mint•1/2 banana•2 T pumpkin seeds•2 ice cubes•cold water] 🍑

Munch Safely,


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