Coconut Shrimp and Mashed Cauliflower



1 head of cauliflower steamed and mashed

2 T of chives chopped

2 t Garlic powder

Sea salt

Optional: 3/4 cup Vegetable or chicken broth/stock

2 T unsweetened shredded coconut

1 egg

Handful of wild caught shrimp

2 T Coconut flour

2 oz herb goat cheese

2 T coconut oil


Mixed mashed cauliflower with garlic, chives, chicken stock, sea salt, goat cheese.

Thaw shrimp in water, heat coconut oil in small frying pan. Dip shrimp in an egg that’s scrambled in a separate bowl, then cover in coconut flour and then in unsweetened coconut flakes and add to frying pan. Flip when each side is browned, remove and add to mashed cauliflower masterpiece!


Munch Safely,



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