Chipotle Chicken Bowl



1 can black beans

1 cup corn

1/4 cup cilantro

1 lime



2 chicken breasts

1 cup cooked quinoa

1 cup red onion chopped


Bake chicken

Place corn in frying pan and sauté with garlic

Cook quinoa as directed

Chop all ingredients

Combine and garnish with lime, avocado and tomato

Place on top of handful of kale

[makes 4-5 servings]



[avocado dressing: avocado•olive oil•garlic•sea salt•sea salt•cilantro]

Made this tonight and added ⇑ avocado dressing 🌿

Munch Safely,


Beautiful Sunday Brekky

[freshly made OJ using a whole bag of oranges]

[2 runny eggs•kale cilantro and red onion sautéed in coconut oil•placed on top of Udi’s gluten free  sugar free dairy free bread•feta cheese •1/2 avocado and sea salt]

With a side of hot lemon water and a probiotic to start, on an empty stomach!

Made this flavor packed egg combo on this super sunny Sunday! It’s so great now that the sun doesn’t set so early ☀️ it’s truly amazing how our mood reflects how the weather is outside. I’m hoping our winter in Minnesota is light this year and that Soring is coming soon, but we still have 2 more months until a normal Midwest winter is over

Munch Safely,


Kiwi and Coconutty Granola

Just add your favorite fruit to IQS [i quit sugar] amazing’s Granola recipe, I chose kiwi because I’ve been sick for the last 8 days and need major vitamin C 🍏🍐

Munch Safely,


Coconut Shrimp and Mashed Cauliflower



1 head of cauliflower steamed and mashed

2 T of chives chopped

2 t Garlic powder

Sea salt

Optional: 3/4 cup Vegetable or chicken broth/stock

2 T unsweetened shredded coconut

1 egg

Handful of wild caught shrimp

2 T Coconut flour

2 oz herb goat cheese

2 T coconut oil


Mixed mashed cauliflower with garlic, chives, chicken stock, sea salt, goat cheese.

Thaw shrimp in water, heat coconut oil in small frying pan. Dip shrimp in an egg that’s scrambled in a separate bowl, then cover in coconut flour and then in unsweetened coconut flakes and add to frying pan. Flip when each side is browned, remove and add to mashed cauliflower masterpiece!


Munch Safely,



Fresh Strawberry Nice-Cream

 Nice cream is an amazing alternative to regular ice cream. My stomach never feels good when I consume cow’s milk, so I look for every alternative I can to have the sweets I love. We started making “Nice Cream” a couple years ago when I read the book Eat to Live, he has so many great recipes that taste sweet yet have no refined sugar. Please check it out if you haven’t heard of it, Joel Furhman is a genius.

Blend together [frozen bananas•almond milk•strawberries] + top with walnuts 💛

Super great alternative to ice cream!! And honestly I think it tastes so much better when you feel great after.

Munch Safely,


Haloumi Chicken and Maple Glazed Sprouts

[2 chicken tenders+Haloumi cheese+tomatoes+avocado+kale+brussle sprouts+maple syrup+olive oil++sea salt]

Grilled chicken and Haloumi cheese separately until both browned. Add to kale, tomatoes and avocado. Then cut up brussle sprouts and pan fry in olive oil until browned, toss in 2 T of maple syrup until carmelized. Eat separately or together, as simple as that.

Munch Safely,


Sprouts and Shrimpies


Wild caught shrimp

1/2 cup uncooked quinoa



Chopped onions


Haloumi cheese


Boil quinoa as directed and set aside.

Fry up the shrimp and veggies in coconut oil. Remove and fry the Haloumi cheese until golden brown on each side. Throw everything in a bowl, how easy is that??? And so yummy, sprinkle some sea salt and seasonings of your choice, sage is great too!

Munch Safely,


Hashbrown Egg-Cup Cakes

You heard me, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free… It’s possible!! And you guys it tastes so good! You don’t have to eat something that you can store in your cupboard for months and months, eat fresh and you will feel so good! Stop making your New Years resolutions about losing weight and make it about eating better for your body 💛


Cauliflower Hash
1/4 cauliflower grated

2 T nutritional yeast

1 egg

Salt and pepper to taste

Garlic powder

1/4 onion finely chopped

Egg muffin

6 eggs

6 strips bacon

2 T goat cheese

Chopped chives and rosemary

12 cherry tomatoes chopped

Combine all cauliflower hash ingredients in a bowl until well mixed. After frying bacon, cook Hashbrown in the same pan so it gets nice and crispy. Wrap bacon around inside of coconut oil greased muffin tins.

Once cauliflower is cooked, spoon into muffin tins. Use spoon to smash and fill about 1/4 to half way. Then crack egg and top with other ingredients. Bake in 400 degree F, for about 20 minutes

Munch Safely,