Chicken Penne Pesto Bake


I decided to make this after a weekend on my Grandparents farm in Osseo, WI. We were tearing down their 80 year old grainery and while we were waiting my God mother and I starting picking these beautiful little yellow tomatoes. They looked like light bulbs and you could pop them right in your mouth and they had so much flavor! I brought a whole bag home because he had so many he couldn’t eat them fast enough. I decided I had to cook with them right away before the farm fresh was no more ♥



4 large chicken breasts

4 Tbls Basil Pesto


4 servings of Whole Wheat Noodles

3 Tbls Coconut oil

8 oz Vegan Mozzarella Cheese


Lay down a layer of cocounut oil in a large glass pan, place thawed chicken breasts on top. Spread the pesto on the breasts

Cut up a bunch of cherry tomatoes [I picked mine from my Grandpa’s garden #farmfresh] or roma tomatoes and spread them over the pesto covered chicken.

Cover the tomatoes with cheese and bake at 400° F for 40 minutes. Lay chicken pesto bake over bed of al dente whole wheat penne noodles

Munch Safely,


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