Dumpling Salad


I have a really weird work schedule with my job and most of the time don’t get a lunch break [dental hygienst shout out]. So that is why I like to make salads, especially ones that are healthy, but fun to eat at the same time. This one takes no time at all and is good to eat cold later and on the fly ♥


5-8 pork dumplings from Trader Joes

1 Tbls coconut oil

Sprinkle shredded carrots

3 handfuls kale

Sprinkle mozzerella

1/4 c corn

8 brussle sprouts

Garlic powder

Sea salt

Soy sauce


Heat coconut oil in pan, add dumplings, cook until brown or meat inside is cooked. I love them a little brown and charred.

Take out and place on kale, throw in corn with garlic powder and salt into pan. Chop up sprouts and place in pan with corn. Cook until brown and crispy, place in salad. Add soy sauce if you need some moisture!

Munch safely,


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